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Olfactive Dining
Flavors and Fragrances

The art of harmoniously combining the senses of smell and taste, two complementary senses...


Two creators join their talents to offer original dishes, a combination of delicate flavors and subtle scents: Kitty Shpirer, a perfume creator, who has a sense of harmonious composition and olfactory staging, and Yves Terrillon, a famous chef, whose refined cuisine is inspired by the passage of the seasons and their unique vegetal and floral richness.


"Cuisine and Fragrances" concept

Kitty and Yves offer their know-how for the organization of multisensorial events and experiences, bringing together the worlds of Cuisine and Perfumery.


From the perfumes created by Kitty, the duo transcribes the olfactory emotion into a gustatory emotion, to propose an experience for all five senses. During the meal, Kitty presents the perfume that inspired the dish created by Yves, its different ingredients, and its atmosphere.


This concept was developed for the meals accompanying the UNESCO symposiums in the framework of the Grasse region candidature to the World Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2013 to 2016).


Customer Testimonials


Circle Culturelle de Pays de Grasse:

« This unique and original meal, a true gustatory emotion prepared by a duo of artists, who by their talents contribute to the perpetuation of the culture of flowers of our region, to the creation and originality of the cuisine of flavors and scents, and to the celebration of perfume in all its states. For the greatest pleasure of our taste buds! »

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