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A sensory encounter between contemporary dance, contemporary music and the olfactory experience.



MYRIAD is inspired by a Japanese legend that plunges us into the ineluctable encounters that fate offers us.
These connections are rare, inexplicable and symbolized by a red thread. They take us by surprise, and have the power to make us feel more in harmony with life.


Legend has it that the red thread can stretch, tangle or knot without ever breaking. No matter how long it takes, those destined to meet will meet no matter what.

MYRIAD, through music, dance and the sense of smell, allows us to let our imaginations run wild and perhaps offer us the chance to connect with red threads....


The perfume

Like the texture of wet sand on the beach, luminous like the sun, warm and vertical, it is the third element of the show.

It resonates with the saxophone, its metallic aspect, its rhythm and vitality. A quiet, constant force, a presence.


Yuzu, Grapefruit, Osmanthus, Amber, Guaiac Wood, Vanilla, Musk


The artists

- Sacha StortoChoregraphe, artistic director and dancer.

- Peter Corser: Saxophonist, compositor.

- Aude Miyagi: Dancer.

- Florian Astraudo: Dancer.

- Thibault Gomez: Pianist, improviser, composer and arranger.

- Paul Berne: Drummer and composer.

- Kitty Shpirer: Parfumer.

Testimony - Caroline Granier

Myriad is not a show, but an experience to be lived. A journey that
each person will experience in a unique way: between departure and arrival, there's no between departure and arrival, there's no change of seat, but it's inwardly that something has moved.  

This unique sensory experience, with its three dimensions of olfactory, visual and auditory visual and auditory dimensions is also sensational and sensual, allowing each person to locate the body of the other seated next to them in a shared space where the common thread that connects us become perceptible. 
Immersed in the ambience of the tale through the scent of the perfume Ito: citrus and marine notes evocative of Japan, we begin by vibrating to the rhythm of the instruments played by the three musicians.

Then, carried away in the movement of the dancers - the journey is completed, and we feel the experience of an inner dance. We become part of the show,  suspended on Peter Corser's breath, as well as on the choreography of sound, dance movements and Ito's fragrances.  Each tableau punctuates the journey. 

At the end, we're left overwhelmed, ruffled out of a magical bubble with no limits of time or space, yet deeply imbued with a world of human sensations, emotions and feelings that bind us together.


The dancers, musicians and perfume designer are artists of incredible talent. Myriad is a marvel and deserves to be experienced by as many people as possible. A huge thank you to the six artists, whose richness is also multi-dimensional: technicality, creativity, humanity, humility, and thank you to the production team behind the project.

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