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Bespoke Perfume
A Scented Portrait of Yourself

Creating a scented expression of yourself, an olfactory adornment to be worn like a second skin, unique in its kind, is true luxury.


An emotional and personal journey, the composition of a bespoke perfume can last up to one year. 

The creative process begins with a personal meeting with Kitty to get to know you, to explore your olfactory universe, your favorite perfumes, your memories, your emotions, your desires... all clues that will inspire the notes and accords of your future dream perfume.


This is the beginning of a creative and interactive process: Guided by your encounter, instinct and her know-how, Kitty creates a perfume, to be adjusted in duo until the magic happens, and you recognize yourself in this unique portrait.


You will receive 200ml of YOUR PERFUM, and the possibility to renew your order.


Customer Testimonials

Delphine de Swardt, storyteller. Paris:

During the preparation of a show, I had the chance to work with Kitty. She had to imagine the olfactory portraits of the two women on stage, the pianist Mélissa Briaud and me. Inspired by our personalities, tastes in perfume, and relating to our nature and our secret desires, she knew how to shape our very different sensorial identities, our perfumed doubles.


I was deeply touched by the care, the seriousness, and the infinite benevolence that Kitty deployed for this delicate and intimate exercise. Surprising and unexpected, the result exceeded my expectations. She designed a vintage fragrance, as a central accord evoking the wonderful prunol base that sends me back to some historical creations I admire and that have marked my olfactory wardrobe over the years, then drawing from the natural treasures of her palette, she composed around it a feminine picture that I would not have dared to consider, but which nevertheless moves me and, according to those around me, fits me like a glove.


Through our many exchanges, I was able to perceive the high level of empathy and communion of spirit that Kitty reaches to be in tune with the people she accompanies. As it is an accompaniment based on attentive listening, which in addition to an olfactory result, is self-revealing.


Due to the pandemic, the show has not (yet) taken place, but a lasting friendship has been established and a unique perfume has been offered to me. I feel very lucky to have had this adventure and sharing. Thank you so much Kitty!

Mélissa Briaud, pianist, improviser, pedagogue. 
Chateauneuf de Grasse:

The immersion in the art of perfume practiced by Kitty was an enchantment and a happy initiation rite. Through free exchanges, she was able to paint an olfactory portrait of my wildest dreams. A tailor-made identity where her composition accompanies me and reveals who I am. Her creative process is unique and remains for me the most powerful artistic experience ever. Kitty has genius. Happy are those who can benefit from it. A priceless gift to give yourself and those you love.

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