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Kitty Shpirer

Kitty is an independent perfumer with over 15 years of professional and artistic experience. A free and creative spirit, her work and creations approach the senses in a holistic way. She is based in Grasse, the cradle of Perfumery, in the south of France.


With a degree in Art History and a diploma from the Perfumery School of Grasse (GIP), Kitty launched her own brand in 2009, Bissoumine, with a line of ten perfumes developed and marketed over ten years. Kitty is a member of the board of the Association du Patrimoine Vivant du Pays de Grasse (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Her journey is marked by constant multidisciplinary research where olfactory meets other artistic media to create unique experiences. She has collaborated with internationally renowned artists, such as the American painter NALL and the countertenor Andreas Scholl, as well as with artisans in the field of taste and gastronomy, such as the MOF chocolatier Christian Camprini and the chef Yves Terillon.

Since 2020, Kitty has been a freelance perfumer, working on multidisciplinary creative projects such as scented music reading shows or the creation of perfumes for the Nekrei Museum in Germany.

Today, Kitty offers her creativity and know-how in the fields of perfume creation and olfactory experiences to individuals and companies.

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